24 Jul 2018

Following a massive uptake, we have been able to book some great activities for this year’s Family Camp.
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18 Apr 2017

Original Article:

A shortage of leaders has left thousands of children stuck on a waiting list to become Scouts, Beavers, Cubs or Explorers, the Scout Association says.
Here, two people to have donned the Scouts’ woggle and scarf describe the ups and downs of being a volunteer.
Lynn Dredge, who leads her local Beaver group for six- to eight-year-olds in Surrey, says she really enjoys her role.
“You’re able to do things you would have as a child but with your adult’s head on – you still get that level of fun,” she says.
“We …

7 Feb 2017

Well done Samuel! This is the highest award available in Beavers and requires real dedication!

1 Feb 2017

This counted towards their Outdoor Challenge award!

26 Jan 2017

A beaver meeting Santa

26 Jan 2017

Beavers at Cinderella at Christmas

24 Jan 2017

Playing duck duck rooster!!

24 Jan 2017

I managed to catch the end of Beavers. A few photos: