Scout Night Hike / March Camp

24 March 2017

I have the pleasure of joining the Scout Troop on a night hike from North Stifford to Brentwood this evening.

I’ll upload photos of our progress on this post – as long as my battery lasts anyway!

Friday 24th March:

Everyone is happy and rearing to go!

Morale is high – and they don’t seem to know we are here!

Side note: blogging while walking through woods in the dark is a bad idea!

10.30pm Update: we are about to cross over the A127 – just over half-way. The Scouts are asking how much further but all are doing well!

12.20am Update: a couple of miles left but we have found civiiisation!

01:05am Update: just arrived at Thriftwood. Everyone is just fine.

Concerned parents – you can sleep now!

Saturday 25th March: Day 2
The scouts as a quiet morning, perfecting their knife and as skills and building some of the worst bivouacs we’ve ever seen!

Saturday afternoon was demolition derby:

Is there a weight limit?

And sausages and chips cooked on a open fire for dinner, follows by bananas with melted chocolate and marshmallows.