Akela’s Gambia Expedition 2018

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Last year I had a special birthday, I will leave you to guess which one, but decided I would like to adventure in to a few countries I have never been to before.  Late last year an opportunity came up to be part of a scouting expedition to Gambia.  Wow what a great coincidence.  I applied and was successfully accepted to be part of the adult leadership team for this.

We are going at the end of July 2018 to Gambia.  The airport is on the coast, but we will be going to the upper river region which requires several hours driving by road. We are a team of 54, 16 in the leadership team, 38 young people between the ages of 14-25.

While we are in Gambia we will spend a lot of time working on improving the Gambia and Hornchurch International Scout Project (GHISP) hall by creating toilet facilities, solar power and other basic amenities, while also linking up with the local hospital to also help improve their facility and help them to better meet the needs of their patients.

I am the only one going from our Scouting Group.  As part of my agreement to go,  I need to raise funds in sponsorship, fundraising and donations through my scouting group, friends and family.  I will be using this page to keep everyone updated on my progress, add blogs and hopefully lots of fun things for you all to be involved in.

The first fun activity is a word search.  £1 per entry, to go into a prize draw, you may submit more than one entry, but will be required to pay for each submission and is open to everyone. The prize is £10 for the winner chosen at random from the entries received. Either, print off this page, or get a copy from your leader, find all 20 words and hand the completed form back to your leader along with your entry money, please don’t forget to include your full name.




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